Mercedes Benz – G Modell

Armored Mercedes Benz - G model! It can be used as a blast proof armored vehicle in crisis areas. Armoured in the protection level B6


This special protection vehicle which is especially designed for foreign governments is used mainly in crisis areas. Armoured in B6, the vehicle provides space for up to seven passengers. The Mercedes Benz - G Model proves its value in use due to its solidly constructed ladder frame which results in a high payload and exceptional off-road ability. This vehicle is used in our company as the basis for our military bodywork in higher classes. With its special armoring technology in the floor pan area, the vehicle has proven itself capable of withstanding extremely high loads caused by explosions and mines. The passenger compartment is protected against heavy machine gun fire using special plastics technology. An extensive additional equipment package (extra fuel tanks, special run flat systems and brake systems, individual chassis tuning and engine performance) is put together to suit personal requirements and areas of use. This vehicle is also available with light turret.


Base vehicle

Mercedes G - petrol/diesel
Licensed for use on European roads


B4 - B6/B7


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