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security car Valentin Tusch - Producer of exclusive Special Protection Vehicles for Cross-Country and Street use

Security car has more than 18 years of experience in the production of armored personal security vehicles for national and international Police, Armed Forces and Peacekeeping Organisations. Thanks to the comprehensive know-how and flexibility of security car, it is possible to offer an optimum in security, quality, transport liquidation and worldwide 24 hour service also in areas of crisis like Afghanistan and Iraq.

For many years the high standard of quality has been very much appreciated by the German Government, the German Foreign Office and the Austrian Governement

For the construction of armored vehicles, materials are used which fulfil the high standards of ballistic protection. Every vehicle is individually tuned for our customers, checked and certified by the German bombardment office.

By military armor plating “STANAG” norms are also tested.

For personal security equipment and special armored aeroplanes for the boarder supervision, our company develops specially contrived ballistic plastics for bombardment-firm pilot’s seats, rotor blades and not ignitable turbine capsules.

Security car offers individual security concepts out of one hand.
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