Security Car

Valentin Tusch

Security Car has 18 years of experience in manufacturing armored personal protection vehicles for police, armed forces and peacekeeping organizations at home and abroad. We manufacture individual special protection vehicles in resistance classes B1 to B7.

Upon request, bulletproof vehicles above these classes can also be armored to a higher military standard. To build special armored vehicles of various brands, we use the most modern materials that meet the highest ballistic requirements. Thanks to our comprehensive know-how and flexibility, we offer optimum security, quality and global 24-hour service, even in crisis areas such as Afghanistan or Iraq. The German Federal Government, the German Foreign Office and the Austrian Federal Government have valued this high standard for several years.

Highest security standards

Tested and certified

Each vehicle is tested and certified according to the guidelines of the German Fire Protection Office. Military armor is also tested according to Stanag standards. Our technological development focuses on the design of special aircraft, the production of non-flammable plastic turbine capsules, the construction of ground installation kits for helicopters and wing aircraft as well as the construction of transport containers for aircraft and the development of bulletproof pilot seats and bulletproof rotor blades for helicopters.