Hummer H1

From security car armored Hummer H1 as a special protection vehicle for peacekeeping - bulletproof and blast safe


Flexible lightweight armor consisting of ceramic pellets set in an elastic polymer:

* Withstands severe vibrations, explosions and firearms
* Very durable, with high multi-hit resistance
* Protection against armor piercing ammunition
* Resistant to sunlight, chemicals, salt water and other hazardous elements
* Outstanding multi-hit capabilities

--- Repair in the field:

* Quickly and easily repairable in the field with basic tools such as a knife, screwdriver or hammer together with glue to secure the replacement ceramic pellets
* Maintain levels of protection during operations
* Repair Kit

--- Highest International Standards:

* International protection standards in accordance with NATO STANAG 4569 from level I to level V
* VPAM BRV 2009 and AEP55
* Depending on the required level of ballistic protection, the composite panels can be used either alone or combined with ceramics or ballistic steel to reach very high levels of protection.


Base vehicle

Hummer H1


up to STANAG 3


on application

Delivery time

on application

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