A popular model among the money transport vehicles is the VW T6, which is offered by security car in the class B4 with a three-chamber system.


A very popular model for a cash carrier is the VW T6, which we armor in B4 with a three-chamber (airlock) system. Not visible from outside, the VT-armoring provides safety for persons and for valuable payload. As an alternative we offer the VW T6 also without armoring with electric security case systems. The benefit of those systems is safeguarding the values during transit whilst walking across the pavement from the vehicle to the customer. Also in the matter of insurance there is an advantage of the system: in case of an attack on the security officer or an external attack on the vehicle, the valuables (notes) in the case are rendered unusable due to injection of colored ink are so they are reimbursed in full. So personal injuries can successfully be avoided and the perpetrators can be tracked using GPS. After individual request of the customers the design of the inside can be fitted due to customers´ wishes to find the optimum solution. For electronically secured cases or cash-drop safes in the vehicles there is the possibility to adjust the VW T6 with special rack systems which are reusable for further vehicles.


Base vehicle

VW T6 - VW TDI - petrol
Licensed for use on European roads




on application

Delivery time

8 - 10 weeks

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